Quill & Quire magazine named Mobashar Qureshi as one of the ten rising mystery writers to watch.


Gently Box Set - NEW - SmallA detective is given a second chance at life, only to find he has to solve dangerous and deadly cases, before he can be reunited with his family.

Detective Peter Murphy has been given a second chance when he is shot twelve times. He must return as Detective Alex Weller and solve strange and unexplainable crimes that will push him to the limits. If he successful he may be able to return to his wife and son. What he doesn’t realize is there are hidden forces working to destroy him.


AUCTION IN THE MEN’S WASHROOM – Three men dead in the washroom, one expensive ruby necklace left on the garbage bin. Why?

CORNER STORE – A store clerk and the winning lottery ticket.

EMPIRE OF FLIES – A day in the life of an aspiring writer.

GOODWILL – A story of a Sergeant, a Captain and a little girl.

HEMLAR AND THE TELEPHONE REPAIRMAN – A dead body is found in the basement of a house. Is the home owner guilty or innocent?

MISH-MASH FICTION – A famous author and his magical black machine.

MR. HORROWITZ’S HOUSE – A boy is sent on a dangerous dare.

PROFESSOR STOLTOR’S INFAMOUS ASSIGNMENT – A journalism student is given an assignment that will change him forever.

RED SWEATER – A man makes a decision that could affect not only his marriage but his life.

SEEKING HELP – A battle of wits between a psychiatrist and his new patient.

Includes TWO additional stories:

AA – An ultra secretive meeting between six people in an airport.

YOUNG MAN WITH THE CANE – A story of an old man and a young man.


CITY - SMALLWhat if, eight years ago, you made a mistake that still haunts you? What if later, you realize it was not a mistake, but a deliberate plan? What then would you do?

Tortured by a mistake he made and searching for a man that doesn’t exist, Detective Deak Colte struggles to find answers at a time when everything happens too fast, and nothing makes sense.



TOWN - SMALLHe had seven days to burn the town down.

Seven days to kill every occupant in it.

Seven days do it without getting himself in trouble.

So begins the story of a stranger who shows up in town with a secret and a motive that could be deadly to the town’s folks.





VILLAGE - SMALLDeep in the jungles of Brazil a farmer is savagely killed—his body is found half-eaten.

A group of researchers are sent to explain what may have happened. Instead, what they discover may be far more dangerous than anything they had imagined.






Roman Solaire, the common man’s James Bond.

Roman Solaire travels to New York where he navigates the dangers between an upscale real estate firm, the grand opening of their hot new property the Crystal Towers, and a beautiful young intern. Things turn deadly as Solaire closes in on a rich and powerful business magnate whose involvement in international terrorism marks this Solaire’s first assignment to date.



london-SMALLRoman Solaire, the common man’s James Bond.

Roman Solaire travels to London where he must find evidence against the board members of the Royal Bank of Lords, deal with a dangerous and deadly assassin who is out to kill him, and investigate how a beautiful woman is involved in all of this. Solaire puts his life in danger as he gets closer to finding out the truth and solving his second assignment to date.



Montreal-SMALLRoman Solaire, the common man’s James Bond.

Roman Solaire travels to Montreal where he must locate vital data held by a traitorous computer entrepreneur, find out the identity of a mysterious painter, and romance the beautiful owner of the Paradise Gallery. Solaire must risk everything to stop the data from reaching dangerous hands and complete his third assignment to date.