Soundtracks (Part 2)

Seven Years in Tibet by John Williams

Track(s): Seven Years in Tibet, Regaining a Son

This soundtrack started my love for the movie score. The cellos by Yo-Yo Ma are both beautiful and sad. Listening to the track, Seven Years, puts you in a dream like state of enchantment. Both Western and Eastern sounds are blended together gorgeously.

Last Samurai by Hans Zimmer

Track(s): A Way of Life, Spectres in the Fog, Idyll’s Hands

A delicate and emotional soundtrack, that infuses Eastern sounds with Western beats. The middle of track Idyll’s Hands is so forceful that it leaves you feeling empowered.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by Tan Dun and Yo-Yo Ma

Track(s): The Eternal Vow

The track Eternal Vow is a deeply moving and haunting track of unrequited love. The cellos by Ma are mesmerizing, leaving the listener heart broken and yearning for more.

Lawrence of Arabia by Maurice Jarre

Tracks(s): Overtures, Main Titles,
On to Akaba/the Beach at Night

My praise of this movie is evident in my first blog, so why wouldn’t I love the soundtrack as well. Overture immediately starts of with massive drums and moves to cymbals and trumpets, then followed by a hypnotic Arabian melody.

Jurassic Park by John Williams

Tracks(s): Theme from Jurassic Park,
Welcome to Jurassic Park, and End Credits

It is a light and entertaining soundtrack of a highly successful movie that was based on a book. What more inspiration do you need for a writer?